Friday, April 18, 2008

These Dreams of Mine

"Broken Wing" - Another page from my bird book

So this post in being done in a little bit of a hurry as the hubby and I are kind of rushing around doing a hundred things today to get ready for our road trip !!!! Wooo hooo ! We decided that we would take our "economic stimulus" dough and do what the Devil George wants us to do and spend it ! From what I have read, most people are taking this ridiculous and scary bit of money to help pay off debts incurred by the sick state of the economy (thanks for that too George !). We could easily have done this too but we decided that we really need some couple time and that it has been way too long since we had a trip together. We couldn't afford a flight and a stay anywhere so we decided on a road trip. We wanted to go somewhere a little warmer than NH in April, somewhere neither one of us had been before and somewhere we could drive to without spending days on end in the car. So we are driving to ..... drum roll.... Virginia Beach !!!

We are heading out tomorrow, driving about 6 hours to "Philly-ish" as I call it, somewhere near Philadelphia for the first stop. Then Sunday, we will head down to Washington, DC, where we want to spend the day doing the tourist thing on Monday. I want to see the Reflection Pools, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. On Tuesday we will do our final leg and arrive at Virginia Beach where we will spend three days hanging out at the ocean, relaxing, holding hands, smooching and having quality couple time. Virginia is for Lovers, you know !!!

We are both very excited. The Hubby, a gadget man big time, got a great deal on a GPS on E-bay and is very excited to use it. I thought a AAA map would be fine, but hey, I get to choose the GPS voice - sexy Aussie Lee - so I'm happy. I have packed a mini-studio to journal with, and my laptop will be placed in her sexy travelling bag and come along for the ride (whether she gets taken out along the way remains to be seen!) ! The cats are being visited by a friend so they will be fine. The only sad thing is that Chica has to go to "camp", the kennel that she always comes back from a little hoarse from barking all week which she never does at home ! As much as I wish she could come with us, it will be nice to be "kid"-free for the week ! Maybe we will sleep in past 6:30 pee time !!!

When the Hubby and I first met and fell in love, I told him that he seemed to be making all my dreams come true. He is still doing that whenever he can after 7 years of marriage. Travelling around the country and seeing new things is one of those dreams. Life is good. Bon Voyage, Kimbo, time to take wing and fly.

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Keep up the wonder-full works precious one.
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