Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday Morning Bliss

The last ice on Dorrs Pond

So Chica and I went for a great walk this morning to a lovely local park. There is a path woven around a pond ( a highly polluted pond, I am sure, as it is filled with city water - no swimming for my lab in that sludge !). The park was beautiful in the brisk spring morning. Strangely, I have never brought my camera with me until today. Maybe I was too concerned with making the walk good for the Chica-girl instead of myself ? Anyway, I really enjoyed snapping pictures (difficult when your 65 pound on-leash lab wants to sniff the next bush while you are trying to get that shot !!!) until the camera battery died ! No worries though ! There will be many more photo opps now that I know how much it adds to the experience and now that that horrible winter is finally over and I feel like walking again !

Chica pauses by a red bush - "Is that a squirrel ?"

This next shot is dedicated to The Stumbly Diva whose blog I discovered yesterday. She wrote about the messages she gets from trees. I left her a comment promising to "listen" for messages from trees today myself. I looked up and saw this face. The message I got : "Let me out ! I have things to say !" Also "Leave me alone, you damn woodpecker !!!"

I was pretty happy with this photo ! It really got exactly what I saw ! Hope your Monday was bliss-filled too !


Jennifer said...

Hi Kim! The tree is beautiful! I love the messages too. Thank you for dedicating that to me on your blog. I feel humbled by it. And thank you for interviewing yourself. I'm gonna have to try that in the near future. Everyone should interview themselves! Anywho, your blog is so amazing and healing. Your art is amazing too :-) "Talk" to you soon! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hey Precious One,
This is turning out to be quite a story! Beauty in everything...
Love to you and Cheeks and hubby and kitties.
Have a wonderful, joyful art- filled day!
Love you,

Jennifer said...

Hi Kimbo! Thanks for the post...btw the m&m's and pop sound yummy :-)

You are so right that this sadness is a push. I am so motivated to keep creating and selling my art. Things are moving slowly, but in time...Maybe I need to go listen to some trees :-)

Leah said...

teehee! this is a great tree face! and i loved the woodpecker comment! ha!