Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interview With The Artist

(This is a journal page dedicated to my most favorite and dear place on Earth, the balcony at the Cottage on Lac Bibitte, Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Can't wait to get there !)

So Julie at The Land of Lost Luggage does this brave, wonderful, revealing thing. She posts an interview she did with herself ! Even in the interview itself, she says how she thinks that people who read her blog don't really "get" her and yet she goes out on limb and puts herself even more out there for people to get. So very cool and gutsy ! A real artist thing to do !
It gets me thinking ... could I do that ? Would I want to do that ? Why would I want to do that ? Would people "get" me ? Should I care ? Would Julie be insulted, flattered, mad if I follow her lead ? Am I a copy cat artist ? Should I seek counselling for thinking so such ?

Then the common refrain from my hubby comes into my head "Don't think ! Just do !"
Okay, okay, so here I go :

An Interview with Kim de Broin Mailhot, Artist
Interviewer : Welcome Kim.
Kim : Nice to be here, thanks for having me.
Interviewer : So what brings you here today ?
Kim : Well I read the interview you guys did with Julie, liked it and I thought I would give it a try. I guess you could say I was inspired by her to be here.
Interviewer : What about Julie's interview inspired you ?
Kim : I think I admired how she took a risk and put herself out there.
Interviewer : Is is common for you to take risks, to put yourself "out there" as you say ?
Kim : Part of me, the artist part of me, is a risk taker. I love trying new things, trying not to worry about the end results, just experimenting and seeing what comes of it.
Interviewer : Do you worry about whether or not people will like your art ?
Kim : Not really. I mean, I love it when people appreciate what I do, and oooh and ahhh over it. I also love making things for people I know and love. A lot of what I am creating these days is just for me, just to get the ideas out, to express something inside of me. It is definitely the heathiest form of therapy I know, and the cheapest !(laughs).
Interviewer : So you think you need therapy, Kim ?
Kim : Shit ya ! Who doesn't in this mixed up, scary, hard, confusing world we live in ? My therapy, my art, and my important relationships with people I love are the things that keep me at least mostly sane ! They both let me see the beauty in life, know what is important, sift through the crap I worry about and let me know that I am here on this planet for a reason.
Interviewer : What reason ? Why do you think are you here ?
Kim : Very philosophical inteviewer, aren't you ? What magazine is this for again ? Hmm...I don't really know the reason yet. I haven't got it all figured out !!! Maybe the reason we are here is to figure out the reason ! How is that for philosphical ???
Interviewer : Going back to an earlier response, you said the artist part of you is a risk taker. What about the rest of you ?
Kim : Ah, now you go for the soft spot ! No, I don't think I am really a risk taker in general. I think I worry about things a lot. I think I am afraid a lot of the time.
Interviewer : So Kim, what is your biggest fear ?

(to be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Hysterical! Now...I am not laughing at you..I am laughing with you. LOL! I love it! Keep it going!

suzi blu said...

I love your work! That top one is especially gorgeous. Is that a scrapbook page???

Kim Mailhot said...

Hey Suzi ! Man, you are fast !
No it is not a scrapbook page - it is a page from my journal. The flowers are cut out from scrapbook paper, the spirals are made from acrylic paint and a new stencil I cut for myself and the photos is just mounted on card stock ! It does look kinda scrapbooky !

Anonymous said...

Hi precious one...This reminds me of the writing I did when I "imitated" Neal Walsh who wrote conversations with God! Keep up the conversation/interview, you may find out more about how wonderful you really are!