Friday, April 18, 2008

Had To Have These Shoes !!!

El Naturalista Iggdrasil N096
Check out these babies !!! I went looking for shoes to go walking on my trip and came across these oh so fine shoes that my friend Suzy had told me about quite a while ago. They were my favorite color green too! Even though the price was too high for the budget, I just had to have them !!!!! Then, oh woe is me, they didn't have my size !!!! Went home and ordered then on line. I won't have them for the trip but they will be waiting for spring and summer frolicking when I get home ! Yipee ! (I love shoes, can't you tell ? )
Here is the description :
El Naturalista Iggdrasil N096
Standing for "The Tree of Life" in Nordic mythology, this is a classic style in its original clog version, rooted at the center of the El Naturalista universe. Pull-grain leather upper is treated with natural oils and polish, which gives it an attractive rustic look but is softened until optimal comfort is reached. Thick & sturdy hand-stitched accents present a distinct feature in every style. Anatomically-correct insole made from recycled cork allows breathability & shoe hygiene. Recycled footbed is contoured to the natural shape of the foot for lasting comfort. Recycled, high-quality rubber, which contains a scent of tea tree oil, is used for these unique outsoles.
Lucky, lucky me !!! It also fits in with the "Green" Art Journal Friday theme posted by D'Blogala. Though I didn't have time to do a journal page, here is my creative process for the day ! Recycled cork and rubber, not to mention the great color make these shoes a pretty "Green" choice, dontcha think ?


Jennifer said...

Hey Kimbo! I love the shoes...the "lime" in my shop name (gingerlime) is for my love of lime green! I better never fall out of love with it, LOL. Your trip sounds so fabulous. Have so much fun and also I love your journaling work. So beautiful. I need to get more involved in art for the process. I have an art journal but I barely touch her these days...So I have fun and I can't wait to read about your advetures!

carolyn said...

I love those shoes and it will be perfect for the spring. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Love those!!! I've been eying a pair at So so cute.

Dawn Elliott said... this is an old post, but it caught my eye! I have 3 pairs of El Naturalista boots and they are my all-time favorites. I bought them all on sale (thanks goodness!) and they're looking like they'll last forever. Great quality and great style are totally worth it in this case!