Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Boo-thday, David !

A Happy, happy Boo-thday to the sweetest Halloween Baby ever, my very own Hubby extraordinaire, David !!!!

(Quite the hunk, I have there, huh, ladies ? Hands off, witches, this sweet piece of Candy Corn is all mine !!!)

(Did I ever mention that my husband blushes really easily ? Bet he's blushing now ! Sorry, Baby, but I love that blush !)

(I love you, David ! - I promise no more embarassing stuff !)

(Until next year ! ;-D)


Melissa said...

HAPPY Happy Birthday King David (since you're the Queen, he's gotta be the King, right?).

You have a Halloweener hubby, I have a Christmas one! They're great gifts huh?

~Mmmm Candy Corn~

FAQ said...

Got yourself a hottie there! OK, I'll be good! Heehee
Happy Birthday David-hello to the lovely queen

Anonymous said...

Hey, Melissa's right. So we have the Handsome King David and the Beautiful and "Audacious!" (thanks for visiting!) Queen of Hearts.

A very Happy Birthday to your Halloween baby. And a great weekend to you both!

Jennifer said...

Awww! He's such a cutie...yes, blushing husbands make making them blush more fun, LOL! Happy birthday to him :-)

Thanks for checking in...I've been in full battle with a fluish bug, while still doing fun mommy-things. Interesting mix let me tell ya!