Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What’s my line…

So before the plan to go to Seaside came into being, I had a goal for the months of January and February to be an Artist for awhile.

Pre-Christmas was about getting ready for the Craft Fair and making a few $$ for Christmas shopping.

Then came the hustle and bustle of the holidays and visits to family, etc…

I knew how winter can be a hard time for me emotionally and mood wise so I decided to dedicate these two months to hibernating with my Artist Self.

I am a few weeks late in the process, but I think I am finally settling into this gift I am giving myself.

I am still playing along with Carla Sonheim’s Art of SillinessIII on-line class though I was far behind until yesterday.

The activity yesterday was all about making “one-liners” – drawings using one continuous line without lifting your pencil or pen off the paper.

I had such fun with it !

I was loose, and free and well, maybe just the right amount of silly !


These faces came to be on my page…

I used an ink pen that I hadn’t realized wasn’t permanent.

So when I started to add color with Inktense watercolor pencils, Twinkle H2O’s and water brush, my lines blurred a little…

But I kind of like the final effect anyway…


This is Richard, the very intense Prince who is in love with Princess Linea.


This is King Boris, Linea’s father, who is totally against Richard as a son-in-law. He is just too intense for the King, who is a mellow guy most of the time.


And silly, little Linea, well, she is more concerned with her waist line and her hairdos than anything else, so I think Richard is in for a struggle with this Royal Romance.

This morning, I played some more with line-y characters in my art journal.

I am loving doing the lines with india ink and a dip pen (permanent when dry !!!)and then filling in the color with a variety of water color paints. Those intense colors are warming me up inside!!!

This lady came out onto the page :


It would seem that something in this sometimes terribly mean world has broken her heart in two and left her in tears.



There sure are days like that in this life, aren’t there ?

This quote I found kind of made me feel better and I am sure it would help my sad friend feel better too if she could hear it :

“A final comfort that is small, but not cold. The heart is the only broken instrument that still works.” – TE Kalim


I am really enjoying settling back into the artistic practice. I do have to make sure I get out and spend time with friends though, in spite of the hibernation mode. Too much time in Kim’s brain is a dangerous thing.

After art time this morning, I escaped for a really nice lunch with my friend Lois and a little shopping.

Plus is was about 30 degrees today – not too cold to leave the nest for awhile!

More snow coming tonight and a possible snow day for David tomorrow too.

More time in the studio will be just fine with me !

I hope you find some sweet time with your Artist Self, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


deb did it said...

oh Kim...your vibrant art and storytelling is so amazing...I aspire to paint and draw like you someday...FABULOUS!! ~try to stay warm~

patti said...

Love the colours Kim! Lucky you to be able to hibernate in your studio! Enjoy your white snowy days!

Anonymous said...

So cool your story and the faces have a magical charm. Those intense colors are something on your second page, wow, do they pop, just like you my friend, so full of joy. xox Corrine

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Love that Heartbreak page. Perfect! Are you coming to Florida???

beth said...

i want to draw like you, too....

and i think being in your brain for a bit would be an amazing wild ride !!!

Unknown said...

*huge hugs*

Kate Robertson said...

Lovely drawings my Queen. I loved the little story that went along with them too. It looks like that artistic time is doing good things for you. I hope you get to enjoy more of it.

rachel awes said...

i adore your silly,
& your every brush of art,
& that quote about our broken
heart that still works...the timing of reading that now is
heaven sent ~ thank you w/wow-awe.

Sueann said...

I spend a great deal of time with my artist self. I need to remind myself to get out and see people. I tend to hibernate too long. Ha!
Love love love your drawings. They are expressive and colorful!

Marit said...

Oh wow Kim... I want to do 'one-liners' now too... sooo inspiring!!! I love the bright colours and you are such a talented story teller - keep us informed about the royal loveafair please! Oh, and my eye fell on the "missy Altijd" - is it a pseudonyme (is this the right word in English?) "Altijd" is Dutch for "forever"...

Elena said...

Kim I just love how everything you do is filled with love and sunshine! These, and their stories, are beautiful. Oh and please come visit my blog today as I am having a little giveaway of a tiny creation (just to prove I'm not all winter-blues). Oh and loved your plan of being artistic during the blah months since I too know too well the dangers of being in my head too long :)

Sophie said...

Fun drawings! I really love the heartbreak page. It speaks to me. And I love that the grass looks like the heartbeat on a monitor but instead of flat-lining, it's blooming.

Susan Sager Brown said...

Gorgeous squishy huggy colors!!! love these drawings, wonderful work!! xoS

Seth said...

Great faces, great colors, great pieces!

Annie Jeffries said...

I LIKE the happy accident of the bleeding ink.

Elizabeth Halt said...

I love getting a peek inside your brain - it is a place full of magic and wonder.

I also love the story. It makes me want to draw out my fairy tale for Atlas, though I suspect he would not care either way. :)