Thursday, May 31, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–So Blessed !

From this week’s Joy List :


self-portraits with fuchsia scarf


hugs from friends named Kim

(and sleeping on a good friend’s couch ! thanks, Suzy !)


new momma smiles


first meetings


baby perfection

(smooches, Anderson, sweet baby boy !)


home, hospitality and cappuccino making skills that my sister Natalie shared

(and a great spaghetti dinner prepared by Dave, and shared with Nathan and Mommy)


breakfast out with a 21 year old niece Jessica that I love so much

(but who hates having her picture taken !)


and my own yellow house on Orange Street

where the seashell peonies bloom so beautifully,

and Love greets me at the door.


Phew !

A quick baby meeting trip up north and here we are Thursday already !

I had a really nice time though, and saw many loved ones in a short period of time.

Good for the heart !

The rest of this week and the beginning of next will be spent preparing for another up-coming art and soul adventure with my friend Colleen. Very excited !!!

More later.

Tease. Winking smile

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !



for more joy, visit Meri’s Musings today.


Sherry said...

that is packing in a LOT of joy in a short window of time...but if anyone can do that - it is you my beautiful friend!! xoxox

beth said...

pure baby perfection without question. he's so precious....yum !!

and speaking of yum....oh those crepes...or pancakes....just made my mouth water !!

loved talking to you this morning on the phone....i love to hear your voice....xoxo

Janet said...

Anderson is just adorable!! Is there anything better than holding a new baby! Well, that breakfast might come in at a close looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Aw baby is so adorable and your sister looks blissful. Friends, family, good fun, what more could life bring. YOu are indeed blessed. xox

jgr said...

What a great trip you had, and that baby-OMG so cute!

Mary said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of love packed in those few days!

Lynn Cohen said...

:Happy Thursday indeed. I too had a baby weekend in Portland (it's on my blog) we both got sweet baby time in! and yes it is so so precious!

Love all your photos!
nummy pancakes and cappichino!

Unknown said...

What an amazing week you've had so far.
Many, many blessings.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

What a precious child. And the peonies are just exquisite!!! What a wonderful time you have had! Cathy

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Loved, loved, loved slurping coffee and breaking bread with you Kimmypoo! Maybe you should have stayed chez nous (only just occurred to me... but please stay next time). Oh, those lovely newborn baby smells - some company tried to market it but....

Glad you are back under your own sheets, that you didn't drown in our excessive downpour and that you, hopefully, felt some regeneration from all of us here who love you so much.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

That was quite a joy-filled collection of images (although I did miss seeing your niece)!

Celebrating Light

Fallingladies said...

Hope you soaked in all that baby smell!!!

Jess said...

Such lovely uplifting pictures Kim. :) The new mum looks very contented and as for that pancake...YUM!
Jess xx

rebecca said...

dear kim,

you are the queen of sharing all her JOY! thank you for this refuge of bright goodness where we can always arrive and know we will be filled with your love and light.

seashell peonies? i have never seen this rare beauty! gorgeous, as are you dear one!

Meri said...

Kim -- what a combination: joy and excitement! Add in a heap of baby snuggles, people you love, and art anticipation, and you've got heaven on earth. You are truly blessed (as well as a blessing).

Paula said...

What fun...just a wonderful trip! Love love love the babies, and this one is gorgeous. Welcome home!

Laura said...

Pure joy Kim!