Friday, January 25, 2013

Haiku My Heart–A New Song


I need to sing out

Said the Voice from deep Within.

Here is my new Song.



While I have been creating a lot lately, I have not done anything in my art journal since the summer.

I have missed it!

It was a creative habit of mine several times a week for several years and it was definitely a form of therapy and self-discovery.

It was also a place for fearless play, where art was being created just for me, with no thought of an audience other than myself !

This morning, I took about an hour and played !


I used henna stencils I bought from Traci Bunkers along the way,

spray inks of all kinds,


my own painted papers for collage,


and I made an easy two page spread that just flowed out of me.

I hope to listen to that art journal voice a little more often.

The resulting song feels so good to sing !

I have also begun adding some new Rock Beings to the Etsy shop.



These three are available now, in case you hear their voices singing to you !

Have a wonderful Friday, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


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Mary said...

I have been playing more in my journal too...even if it's just some color note pages...I live to journal on color!

Color, paper, paint, pens...such a gift!

Have a great weekend!


iHanna said...

Oh your song is beautiful and loud! I hear ya, and I adore the rocks and the "map" paintings from previous posts. Wow, they're so magical!

Anonymous said...

well of course
I see
moon over water
as She achieves
Her fullness
2 hands
waiting to open

just dug out
an old funky journal
stitches like sutures
holding down
a stray bit
of diaphanous

I too miss
the binding up
the bound versions
of private play
but the assembling
of the bits
and the pieces
feels true
for now
so fussy
the binding,
the paper,
the size...

but I have a hankering
to secure
to hold in place
some diaphanous pleasure

the song within
is mostly humming
a few rock solid words...

this one
is for you,


Anonymous said...

that owl-y one
in my neighborhood
saw her flying
into charcoal treetops
last dusk
the sky
raspberry cream...


Delphyne said...

I love your song, Voice from deep Within!

Priti Lisa said...

I love your song! Although a little different from my song, the could easily be on the same album by various artists :D
You are the best! ♥♥♥

bacon said...

So in love with the song your beautiful soul sings. You, my friend, are pure music.

Anonymous said...

These little magical beings...wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I heard your song today and it brought joy to my heart!

Sherry said...

I love your Haiku! It is so you!!

And I love the wee owl and I'm not an owl sort of person!

Keep singing beautiful one...let those songs fall from your lips into the world!

love you!

Lea said...

Such a beautiful play list Kim! I must say... that I am so in love with your little rock beings... that little bird? Is singing right along with you...

peggy gatto said...

Joyful haiku!!!
Love your hands journal too!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful haiku and creative journal pages and your rocks are awesomely creative! ~ Carol of:

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Nonnie said...

oh, wait, I hear it! thanks for sharing your talent!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

I've been away so long I forgot how lovely you blog is! Wonderful haiku!! Wishing you well Cathy

deb did it said...

your new voice has me singing new songs of praise! I adore you. Completely

Irene Rafael said...

delightful here with rock beings and journal songs. i couldn't think of a better place to visit.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank goodness you didn't ignore the voice!

New Haiku: None to Rescue

Anonymous said...

So glad your song and your journal is back, I missed it. Your rocks are amazing. xox

Dawn Elliott said...

I adore the concept of your 'art journal voice' and the beauty that came of it. Don't you love it when everything just flows so abundantly?

gma said...


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Your voice is worth listening to and hearing. Love the owl/bird of your new collection...

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely, lovely journal pages ... So glad you listened to your muse!
I like you new rock art too!! Happy weekend, happy days!

Laura said...

so much beauty shining forth!