Monday, January 24, 2011

Let’s Hear it for the Girls !

edit : Please note that the author of the wonderful post about love and her sister Petra mentioned below was written my Amy Mc Cracken on the 3X3X365 blog, and not Kathryn Schuth. I am fixing my art work to reflect that too. Big Oops on my part !

I have been getting inspired by so many incredible women these days.

So many examples of inspiration that it would be impossible to have them all listed in one post.

But I wanted to celebrate and share just a few today.

Today is actually the birthday of my wonderful friend, Darlene.


Happy Birthday, Dar !

Darlene has inspired me in so many ways throughout our 16 year friendship.

Most recently, she has inspired me to walk my talk, and put the lessons I have been learning into real practice.

She has also inspired me to be a true friend, offering love, support and understanding unconditionally.

I love you dearly, my Friend, and I hope you celebrate all the wonderful things you are today !


Now, anyone who knows this blog, knows how much of an inspiration Miss Patti Digh is for me!

Well, recently, Patti has joined with two friends, Amy McCracken and Kathryn Schuth. The threesome has embarked on a year-long writing and photo adventure on the blog :

3x3x365 Three Friends.

Three States. Sharing One Photo Every Day in 2011.

There has been something that has touched my heart in every single post that these remarkable yet ordinary ladies have done since January 1st!

Sunday’s post was about “love”.

Amy wrote something that touched me to my very core as she shared just a glimpse into her love for and relationship with her sister, Petra, who is no longer in this world.

I was inspired to create this journal page and Rock Fairy self-portrait in response to her words:






I think I will work hard on remembering and recognizing my own beauty today…


Of course, last week I was in the company of some incredibly inspiring women down in FLA.

I am still assimilating all of the inspiration that can be gleaned from my time with them.

They definitely inspired me recognize my own beauty.

And also the beauty in all the world around me.

And I will credit Miss Beth with inspiring me to find a new way to get this body moving, in spite of the fact that the winter has made me feel like I want to stay in my cozy nest.

Ain’t no reason not to shake a tail feather in the nest and dance my bootie off, right, Beth ?

So I encourage you to do like Beth does, and shake it this morning…

Turn it up loud, now !

And do the hustle to it if you feel like.

Whatever you do, make sure you take the time to dance to this awesome song :

Shake your bootie, boys & girls !

Happy Monday, You Inspiring Boys and Girls !


Olivia said...

What great positive and powerful energy in this post, My Queen!

What wonderful friends you have, you are blessed.

I am going to pick up your challenge today and realize my own beauty too. Love that song♥

Happy birthday, Darlene!

Kim, I don't know how you remembered about "Lovebirds"! I am looking at your little birds as I type this :) Thank you for your anniversary wishes.

Peace, and BIG love today, xoO

Unknown said...

happy Birthday Darlene! :)

And Kim, that page is BEAUTIFUL- so inspiring! Thank you!

SusieR said...

A blessed reminder that we all truly need to recognize and appreciate our own beauty. Thanks, sweetie.

The line that stopped me in my tracks in yesterday's post you mentioned was this:

"Our worst ugliness was our blindness to our own beauty."

Clearly, a much-needed, stark reminder to bask in our own light, smile back at our reflections and fall in love with our own selves.

I'm gonna go send some flowers to myself. Stay warm and lovely - can't wait til we gather for more silliness soon!


Sherry said...

There is nothing to compare to the inspiration we receive from others...except the inspiration that we provide in return ♥

Aside from recognizing and realizing your own beauty...I do hope that you recognize and realize the inspiration that you put out in the world???? xo

Deb said...

Powerful words, powerful art ! Why is it sometimes so difficult to see our own beauty ? Well, you are one beautiful woman who continually inspires me ! And for that I am very thankful !

Deb said...

Powerful words, powerful art ! Why is it sometimes so difficult to see our own beauty ? Well, you are one beautiful woman who continually inspires me ! And for that I am very thankful !

jgr said...

What a great post!! One thing (of many) that I love about you; Rock Fairy Queen is the way you accept positive energy from others, mix it up with your very own 'brew of magic-ness' and pour it out for all of us. Thank you!!

beth said...

oh sweetie...
i hope you dance. a little bit every morning. keep moving. start with a song. then add another and another and before you know it, a whole hour will go by and you will have danced your butt off and your heart {that huge beautiful amazing heart of yours} will thank you.....

and when it's music like of my favs that you honed in on, the time just flies by.....

ps....great page....i love the black dots in the lower left corner.....

Lynn Cohen said...

NIce to honor all those beautiful women yourself in cluded.

Kim said...

Ah yes, let us celebrate, shake our booties and let it all hang out. Let us all recognize our own beauty, even if it takes our lifetime.

arlene said...

Kim, it is a true friend who can teach you and remind you to recognize your own beauty! I love that you're exposing these women for the greatness they are bringing to the world. I pray you recognize everyday how beautiful and true and full of love you are to so many of us "out here".

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed to have a friend like that and to be surrounded by inspiring women. Thank you for the link to what Patti Digh is doing now.

Priti Lisa said...

I thought I was the only Macy Gray fan! Or as I like to call her, Gracy Mae. She brings me right back to my girlhood...sure of my self...powerful!
When did I lose that anger that held me together? And what did I replace it with...placidity?
Thank you Kim. As always, you move me to think big thoughts.

Cindy said...

Kim you are surrounded by amazing people because you are amazing, I am so glad you met Beth, Someday may I will meet you both. In the meantime I truly admire and know you are amazing. hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Forest Gump:) Beauty is as beauty does!!! Your are so beautiful. Remember I used to go around singing that song all the time? Now we know why:):)
It is good to focus on the wonderfulness of the gifts of life!
Love you my Kimmy,

Carmen said...

your mom reads your blog!!!!
super cool!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

forgot to say:
mi casa es su casa
(in San Diego, CA)

DMG said...

Beautiful page and beautiful tribute, Kim. Love the band-aid! and the next time you traipse down to Florida without telling me, Miz Lady, I'm going to come up there after you. Grayton and Blue Mountain Beaches are my stomping grounds!