Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Not So Guilty Pleasure…

August Break Prompt : My Guilty Pleasure


My guilty pleasure,

which I am working at no longer feeling guilt about,

is joining these two cuties

on the big white bed

for naps.

Every once in  a while, fat Pumpkin Kitty may hop on up as well.


Especially in the heat of the Florida summer afternoons.

We slumber dreamily,

for an hour or so,  

under the slowly turning fan.

On weekends,

my sweet Hubby is known to join us too.

Especially after a day frolicking at the beach.

How I love naps in my big white bed.

And all the beings I share it with.

Nothing to feel guilty about in that !

It’s one of life’s sweet pleasures in my book !


Hope your Wednesday is full of sweet pleasures!

Big love to you, Beautiful Ones.


Hosted by Susannah Conway


Anonymous said...

Joining you in nap land today...not so guilty any more either. xox

Elena said...

Beautiful. You deserve to lavish in the rays of guilt-free! Enjoy sweet Queen.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, sometimes a nap is THE order of the day. Every time I get to sneak one in I think, "thank god, that felt really good."
More naps for All~ that's what I say!