Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here’s to the first weekend of Spring 2011 !

Here are my top 6 photos from the lovely weekend we had in La Conception, Quebec for my beautiful nephew Tom’s birthday :


Me with the silly flower headband…


Dave with the silly flower headband.


Kristina with the silly flower headband, doing her “bud” act.


Katie and David on the couch, smashing ants on the Ipod.

They were pretty inseparable all weekend.


The birthday boy himself, Thomas, age 8, up a tree, yo, yo !


And though it is blurry, I absolutely love this shot. Katie and David, sharing laughs, which was pretty much a constant sweet noise in the background of our weekend.


It was a very nice time with lovely family. I am so grateful for the love, understanding and laughter that we share every time we are together.

The only down side to the weekend is that we are nursing a sick Chica-dog. She has been throwing up and having the runs since Friday off and on, especially during the night. I thought she was better yesterday when we kept her on a bland diet for a few days but the vomiting started again last night. Off to the vet later today to see what else we need to do to help her feel better.

This afternoon I am guiding another art journaling afternoon at my friend Patti’s house.  It will be good to get lost in the color and the process for a while.

I hope your Tuesday is full of sweet moments, Beautiful Ones.

Big Love.


Karin Bartimole said...

Sounds like a lovely trip - this petal hats are adorable!! I'll be keeping good healing thoughts for your sweet Chica. Poor girl - and poor you guys, too.
Enjoy your colorful art journaling time, and inspiring others, as you do so well dear Kim!
xoxo K

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous as a sunflower! And David looks bewildered....sounds like a wonderful weekend. I can see all the hearts front and center. xox Corrine

Unknown said...

Sending much love and healing love to your sweet puppy <3 <3

Sherry said...

Fabulous photos of happy sunshiny people...just what you want when you spend time with those you love.

Sorry to hear that Chica has been ill...a trip to the vet will be just the ticket to get her back on her feet.

Enjoy your art journaling as you guide others through the creative process!! xo

Colleen said...

Hey Lovely One...our Baron was having the same issues, and we took him to the vet and he is now being treated for an infection.....
Good luck Chica

Priti Lisa said...

Kim, you remind me of my journal page last month...my Frida sunflower. You look sweet and vibrant!

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet family time, nothing better! Did you make the cute flower hats?

Carmen said...

hoping Chica starts to recover soon and glad you had a lot of fun this past weekend, stay cheerful for us

henrysmom said...

hugs to chica and happy spring to you sweet flower! in front of the entire world wide web, may i use this space to declare: i quit my job today to make my art career full time.

beth said...

your poor baby...i hope the vet figured out what is wrong.

loved the weekend photos !

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's blooming! Looks like a good time was had by all. Except perhaps Chica. She may have eaten something nasty, I hope your vet has straightened it out. Now, 8 is something I can relate to but it's kind of scary because it's just one away from 9 which is, in itself, one away from double digits. Yikes!

Kate Robertson said...

I hope Chica is feeling better soon. Loved all of you in that flower headband, even David.

Cindy said...

Looks like you had fun, love your hats, sorry to hear about Chica, hopefully alll is well, hugs to you.

Marit said...

What a fun and loving photos dear! I love the 'bud' one and the last (blurry but amazing) photo!!! How's the dog? I do hope he/she feels better!

Rosie said...

Kimmie - wonderful photos - so happy!! Love Dave in the silly headband best!!
I do so hope your dog gets better soon - fingers crossed for you all. xx