Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spend the Afternoon. You can’t take it with you.

I had a lovely time hanging out with a few friends art journaling yesterday afternoon.


This is the page I did.

I showed the Ladies a technique I learned way back when, from Bernie Berlin’s book Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap, where you paint a light coat of gesso over a magazine face, and then re-paint the features.

A great trick for those of us who have a hard time doing faces that look “human”.


The border piece at the top was a giftie from Marsha at Tumblefish Studio. She makes awesome collage sheets !!!


Her dress was a piece from an art magazine and her heart, a piece of my own painted papers.

I think I will probably add in some more pen work and maybe a bit of journaling but man, I love that Ultramarine Blue background color, achieved with Twinkling H2Os.

I felt privileged and grateful to have the whole afternoon to spend with lovely friends, making art, escaping the everyday troubles and stuff for a few hours, and having that loving, supportive surround to hang out in (Thank you, Patti !).

I think making time for those kinds of moments is really important to our well-being.


Speaking of well being, the cute Miss Chica-Girl is doing okay. She is on special “easy to digest” food for at least a few weeks in order to reset her messed-up gastro/intestinal system. She must have eaten something bad somewhere or something. We are not sure what caused the whole thing. But after a $200 dent in our pocketbooks, a few shots, the special food and some good old TLC, she kept all her food down last night and we all had a good night’s sleep for the first time in 5 days ! Let’s hope it continues this way…

Off to catch up with Mommy duties that should have been done on Monday but some how got put off until today. Bare cupboards, furry floors, and laundry piling up…

Hey, it’s all good. It’s spring, the sun is shining, the snow is mostly melted, chicken breasts are on sale…

Here’s to simple, everyday  graces !

Big love, Beautiful Ones !


jgr said...

I love the quote AND your journal page AND I'm so glad Chica is feeling better--have a great day!

Sherry said...

That's a great technique and I love that ultramarine!!! I also love Marsha's collage sheets...add to the fact she's an awesome artist in her own right and a terrific person!!

I'm so glad to hear that Miss Chica is doing much better...she's such a sweet girl!!!

Enjoy your day of mommy duties...I need to go out but the snow makes me sleepy and I don't feel like going out again...I will, but I think I need to embrace this moment of peace and quiet first!! xo

Janet said...

The blue background and the bright orange dress are great together. Love your journal page....and that face technique is one I've used, too. It really helps get the "feel" of how to do a face.

Sophie said...

I love the title of this post! So very right!
The blue background really is gorgeous. And I haven't played with the gesso/magazine technique in quite some time. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Glad to know Chica girl is better. As a mom to a furry creature, I understand too well how you feel.
Chicken breasts on sale... always a good thing! ;-)

Lynn Cohen said...

What a fun journal page. love how you broke it down for us to see your process!
Cute, cute puppy and glad he is on the mend. Oy the bill!!!

Cindy said...

Glad all is well and that Chica doggy is feeling better. lucky you to have friends near to share the fun with your artwork. sounds awesome. hugs to you.

Kate Robertson said...

Glad to hear Chica is feeling better. Great page. I love the colors you used.

Unknown said...

I am loving this page- so fun! I used that technique at Christmas to make 3 canvases for my brother of him and his boys- so much fun- and always a great result!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that orange and blue. I remeber Bernie demonstrating that technique, thanks for bringing it back. Glad Chica is okay. xox Corrine

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Kim...first visit to your blog. Your name is on my postcard swap list. I saw your comment over at painted heart and recognized your'll be getting a postcard from me some day in April.

Commuter's Journal said...

So happy to hear that la chiquita is on the mend! And thanks for the technique idea. I get tons of old magazines from work and I'm always looking for fresh ideas of how to put them to good use. This is one I can do with kids, another plus.