Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Many Gifts of Friendship…


Yay, the sun is shining in the studio this morning and we have a new hibiscus to welcome !

I also welcomed my friend Suzanne on Sunday late afternoon.

She is here for most of the week, sharing her March break from teaching kindergarten in Montreal with me.

It is always a gift when Suzy comes.

One of my oldest friends,

whom I have been through so much with,

who gets me,

whom it is easy for me to spend time with.

Her friendship is a gift in my life.

She also came bearing some other sweet gifts.

Suzanne is a talented artist.

She works mostly in felting and textiles as well as stained glass.

And look what works of art became mine this week :


This gorgeous orange-y felt scarf that I admired around her neck and that became mine ! Winking smile

I call it my Patti Digh scarf as it looks like one my favorite writer sports often !


And this custom made for ME black silk scarf with beautiful bursts of orange, green and blue wool fibers !

I love them !!!

And I feel oh so glamorous as I don the black one to head out for our fun day of shopping, (art stores and wool stores of course !), ladies lunching and some time ay the bookstore perusing the pages over a nice yummy coffee of some kind !

So not too much art making today,


but lots of playing !

Yay !

Welcome to March, Beautiful Ones.

It is coming in beautifully here !

Enjoy !


Susie Riley said...

It sounds like a PERFECT day you have planned. ESPECIALLY since you're sharing it with someone named Suzy! Alas, t'is not me... yet I still wish you both lots of fun - and yummy wool! xoxos

Unknown said...

YAY for March and YAY for friendship!! *hugs*

Lynn Cohen said...

Pretty scarves, glad you had fun with your friend!!!

Olivia said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend, My Queen. You look especially beautiful today! Peace and blessings and fun, O

beth said...

lovely gifties !!!
and i love your hair....it's a bit longer and looks MAHVALOUS !!!

Kate Robertson said...

It sounds like you will have a fabulous week with your friend visiting. Beautiful scarves, you look fantastic too. Have a great time my Queen.


jgr said...

WOW! I love your new scarves - the black one is so dramatic! Your hair looks great too-as always. Hope you have a blast on your girls day out.

rachel awes said...

GORGEOUS scarves
& i LOVE the one
w/the wind in her hair!

Priti Lisa said...

I love scarves, ever since I got my hair cut last year, I started collecting them...they keep the neck warm and brighten up my all black wardrobe :) Yours are bee-yoo-ti-full...Happy Sun-shine.

Marit said...

You deserve a beautiful start of the Month dear!!! Those scarfs are amazingly beautiful, and they look so good on you! What a gorgeous sweet friend you have! Enjoy your week together girls!

Cindy said...

how exciting Kim, I am so happy your friend is there. that is just what you need. you loook fabulous too. love both scarves. I am a scarf and pin addict. Beth is right your hair does look great. so glad you are out and about. yeah to March. hugs.

Jennifer said...

Happy Wednesday Kim!

My name is Cindy said...

Neat scarves! I especially like the black one. I'm just popping over from my blog which you visited for OWOH. Sorry I'm soooo late but life got in the way. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everybody for the nice comments about the scarves.
I love you so much my Kimie. You are essentiel to my life. You helped me to bring art to my life and to beleive that I can be an artist.