Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where I Am This Wednesday


is in a good place.


The spring-like look to stuff outside is helping. The temps are cold and so is the wind, but the rain from the weekend has left the snow banks shorter, the driveway and decks clear of ice and the sun even made a nice appearance this morning.

The “S”–word was being tossed around in the weather forecast, but I choose to ignore it today.


Today, I have no obligations to anyone but myself.

No groceries or other errands to do,  no orders to fill…

I am happy to have this time just for me !

I had such an inspiring afternoon yesterday, showing a few friends some of my art journaling tricks.

I am inspired to spend the day in the studio, finishing up what I started yesterday and maybe even starting a new piece on canvas. We shall see…


I started the day with a yummy smoothie (strawberries, raspberries, kiwi and blackberry yogurt) and it looked so pretty , I had to photograph it with these gorgeous tulips that I bought on the weekend and that have been getting prettier and prettier each day…


Boo had to investigate.


Through the stems he spotted the drink…


Love this crazy cat shot !!!


Then I hissed him away.

No cat germs in my smoothie, Crazy Kitty !


Here are the two pages I started yesterday at my friend Patti’s house.


We used on of my favorite techniques – carefully cutting out a figure from a magazine and using both the cut out as a mask and the background left over as a stencil on the page.


My rocking figure stenciled with white paint…


and here used as a mask, rubbing white paint around the outside edge of the cut out.

Cool effect.

I still have pen work and some journaling to do on these pages but I loved the colors and the different layers of paint and collage.


Oh, and looky here !

The hibiscus is welcoming me to my day of play !

Yay !

Have a great Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !

I hope you find some ways to be kind you your Self too.


gwyn said...

Wow that sure brightened my day! I have a massive to do list today but am so glad I took a moment to see this. Those red flowers and that black Boo kitty make me all kinds of happy!
Your journal pages are equally cheering and inspiring. Please do enjoy your day off!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE this post- the journal pages, the flowers, the KITTY LOVE!! <3 you!!

lyle baxter said...

love your journal pages! and the kitty! why dont you and your buds try the ro bruhn round robin effect on rosen paper? you would have a blast and laugh lots. it sure loosens everyone up! thanks for your many nice comments on my efforts. toni's still handing out stones. the kids think they are so cool!

jean said...

Amazing stuff....your joy shows through, as well as your kind spirit!


Anonymous said...

Love those big kitty eyes (my kitty loves the smoothies too )and your rock star stencil is wonderful, must try that technique!!

Happy, happy day to you Miss Kim!!

Kate Robertson said...

Oh the smoothie looks yummy, and your cat face is so funny. I like using that technique with the mask and stencil. Its also fun to repeat the image several times on the page. It looks like you have had fun at your friends house. Enjoy that wonderful time in the studio.

Big love my friend.


Janet said...

I'm lovin' those red tulips and your smoothie looks delicious. No wonder Boo wanted to have a little taste!

Your journal pages look really cool. I like that mask/stencil effect.

beth said...

the crazy cat photo cracked me up !!!
and i love a day without obligations :)

Sherry said...

a beautiful way to spend the day -- I hope you have found it completely fulfilling.

The photo of Boo with those eyes just cracked me up!!

Carmen said...

how did you get that cat to pose so amazingly???
love the fresh flowers always in your house

jgr said...

I love all of it! Smoothie looks awesome and kitty pics are so cute! Have a wonderful day!

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Hi Kim - thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I love that stencil idea - must try that! And also LOVE your rocks!y I used to paint on them quite a lot but I really like the inspiring words and pretty colours!

Marit said...

Tulips are my favourites, and they are at their best when they are opened up, just before they loose their petals... gorgeous!! THe photo of your 'Boo' is priceless... love it!!! Your art journal page looks awesome, you know I love silhouettes!!! Oh, and you said you are a Libra too (I could have known!) When's your b'day??? (I'm October 2nd)

Olivia said...

I love those kinds of days, My Queen. What a beautiful home you have, and a lovely cat. And of course, lovely art, as per usual. And there is that amazing hibiscus that belies the snow warnings outside. I'm stopping by to send you some Big Love and to pay tribute :) xoO

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I'm loving all this red, red, RED!!! I'm seeing. So much white here, so much more white coming (30 cms before the 20 mms of rain starts). Wow, is it really going to be spring soon? So happy to hear you are happy!

Elena said...

I always feel so peaceful reading your words. LOVE the Boo picture and what a yummy looking smoothie. Beautiful sunshine and reds!

Julie Prichard said...

Your smoothie made my mouth water!!

Sueann said...

Love those journal pages...the colors and textures are awesome!! And that smoothie made me thirsty!!
I like how Boo was just about to take a sip! Ha!
And those tulips...oh my!
How I have been longing for spring to show up and stay!!! Sigh!

Laura said...

Loving the journal entry...working on my lately too.

rebecca said...

love you!

Nadeja said...

Love that cat!!! and the smoothie looks yummy!!!! Love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Those are great cat shots. And I LOVE these journal pages... especially the use of red and the outlined silhouettes.

Sophie said...

I love that your tulips are practically the same colour as your smoothie, which sounds delicious.
I love the photos of Boo through the flowers. Cats are so curious aren't they?
And I'll have to try the mask+stencil trick.

Merry ME said...

Black cats and red tulips. Does it get any better than that?

I've got the kitties. I'm heading out the door for flowers!
Great post.

P.S. Came here from Brave Girl's CLub!

Pearl Maple said...

fun post to celebrate the arrival of spring at your place and too cute with the kitty pics

nice journal pages, you really know how to play with color