Monday, March 7, 2011

A Life Worth Watching…

Monday morning and it feel like my life is a work in progress again.

That is a vast improvement from the stagnant, stale, stuck feelings I was having in February.

Whether it is the longer days, the warmer temps., the end of the longest month of the year for me, or some of the help I have been asking for and receiving from outside,

I am feeling like I have some March-ing orders !


Here is my latest art journal page.


Love the quote. The whole page, not so much.

But that’s okay.

I get to go looking for sweet spots.


Like this eye.


And this one.

A good reminder that not all art is pretty or likeable.

Sometimes , it is about looking for the sweet spots.

And others, it is just about the process.

Taking the time to hang out with your Creative Spirit for awhile.

It always feels good to do that for me, whether I love the end results or not.


Above is a work in progress.

I am lucky enough to be teaching some art journaling techniques to a little bunch of friends tomorrow afternoon.

The focus will be on the process, the letting go of thinking too much, and on having fun with the techniques, and hopefully not so much on the end results.

I am looking forward to it !

Off to get prepared !

Oh, by the way, go and stop by Beth’s blog. She has a super cool  giveaway happening there today !

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Carmen said...

the pages are wonderful to my eyes you will be a very well loved teacher tomorrow, yay!

Mary said...

you know i really think it's so much about the art...and in us.

have fun with you group, you will be so energized by sharing what you know.

Lynn Cohen said...

The eyes have it!!! Wonderful quote! Have fun teaching too.

Anonymous said...

I really like both pages, your pages always speak loudly with feeling. Great fun prepping for a little teaching. xox Corrine

Marit said...

I agree - sometimes the small spots deserve the attention but the overall is mwaah... I don't know what it is with this page, but I see what you mean. But you know how to move on, and march forward. Ha! Have a great evening with your friends! I soooo wish I could be there...! I will be - in spirit!

beth said...


patti said...

Glad things are moving forward for you again Kim. Have fun teaching!

Kate Robertson said...

I love looking for the sweet spots, they make it all better. Its hard not fall into that trap that art needs to be beautiful. I agree with Mary, the process is where the real gems can be.

Have an artful day my friend.


Unknown said...

I love your pages so very much, and I really love the idea of looking for "sweet spots"- I'm writing that in my journal as I type! :) *hugs*

Terry Hartley said...

Oh I so wish I could be there in your class tomorrow! I know it will be great!!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

That sounds just like me. Not so great overall but I have some sweet spots. hee hee. ♥ tam

Mary said...

Hey Kim, on the back of your cards, you have these lovely little stickers that have you info on them. I would love to know where you had them made...thanks! :)

Janet said...

I love the quote....and your journal page is perfect. The eyes really got my attention and from there I was able to move around the page and see everything else.

Eydie Kugler said...

Hi Kim,

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I was very inspired by art and words. I was very moved by your tribute to your Dad, and related very deeply with your words.

Have you thought about sending your bird banner to the Brave Girls site. They post original artwork that features birds. I think your birds are perfect!


Cindy said...

Kim so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I liked this page, have fun tomorrow. think of you often.

rachel awes said...

& your sweet spots ARE so sweet!
love your pages & you! xox

DMG said...

I wish I could come journal with you, Beautiful One. A student just caught me looking at your blog, and he loved your work. Sooooo, I had to let my whole class take a peek. I put your page up on my projector and we all took a visual vacation. Lucky kids!

Anonymous said...

The details are in the sweet spots, which makes the whole experience of absorbing art that much more yummy!

Hope the class went well and everyone let go and had some messy fun :)


Joanne Huffman said...

I agree with you about February being the longest monthof the year (every four years, it tries to be longer, but they beat it back). Very good advice about looking for the sweet spots.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I love your journal pages both the finished one and the work in progress. The work in progress just made me think isn't everyone's life a work in progress. I know mine is- always room for improvement. I am starting back to doing an art journal and you provide some wonderful inspiration.
Johnina :^A

Rosie said...

Happy Monday Kim,. although Happy Wednesday would be better!!!

I love your art - I always think of it as pure woman, feminine and voluptuous! You also have such a sweet way with words.

I heART you Kim Mailhot! I think we should tell people that more often hunni - so thanks for all your kind words to me - sending some love back to you now! xoxoxo

Karin Bartimole said...

Love your connection with "march-ing" and feeling the shift you describe!! That is a good quote, too. I hope you had fun with your teaching process - I'm sure it was fun and inspiring, like you dear Kim!! hugs and love, K