Thursday, March 3, 2011

15 Years Ago Today.

This is a photo of my Dad and me at my high school graduation.

It was 29 (gulp) years ago.

I was 16.


This is a picture of my Dad about 5 or so years before he died.

He was about 50 in the photo.


Yves de Broin,

Born - March 24th, 1941, Died - March 3rd, 1996

My Dad died 15 years ago today.

He was 54 and I was 30.

All these years mean that my Dad has missed most of the most important things that happened to me in my adult life.

It  has been 15 years filled with changes and events and growing that he did not live through with me.

And yet, in many ways , his passing feels so much more recent.

Strange things, time and loss…

March 3rd will always be a sad day for me.

But a day I can still find gratitude and appreciation for so much.

A day where I think about all I have become and how much I wish I could share with him.

A day that I give thanks for the gifts he gave me and for the good times, the loving and memories.

The day that I miss him very much and wish so much he could at least come for a visit

and give me one of those hugs that only your Daddy can give you.

A day of joy and sorrow, if that makes any sense…

Thinking of you, loving you, and missing you, my Daddy.

And sending extra special love to others who are missing him today too.




Olivia said...

It is so special to have had a Dad like that, My Queen, even just for 30 years. What a gift! And memories. Thank you for sharing him with us, xoO

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Thank you so much Kim for sharing this wonderful man with all of us!


Suz said...

My dad died suddenly ata 54 and I was 32....
He is still with everythng I do...I feel his presence in a word or a gesture or a random thought
I understand the sweet sorrow that you feel today
but you feel it because of the love
and that is a good thing

Elena said...

You still have that light in your eyes and smile. What a great looking Dad; he evokes peace in the second photo. I doubt he ever left your side. Wonderful post dearest Queen; I hope you find some comfort on this tough day.

Cindy said...

My father died at the age of 84 but I still feel that I've missed sharing so many things with him. I loved him dearly and miss him still. I don't think time changes things much. Thank you for sharing your father with us. Sounds like he was a remarkable man.

Hugs XX

lyle baxter said...

dad was a handsome dude! and I see a bit of him n your eyes! nice tribute thanks for sharing with us, lyle

jgr said...

Kim, what a lovely tribute to your Dad. It is SO hard to lose parents. I am sending you hugs my friend!

patti said...

Sad to lose him Kim, he looks like a lovely man. Did you get your artistic genes from him?

So important to polish the memories at every opportunity. Hugsxx

beth said...

and we all know, if you loved him this much to write such a beautiful tribute, that he loved you more than the world itself.....

and he sees you.
and he's met david. and he sees all your art. and your rocks. and how big your heart is. he does.
aren't we lucky that that's how heaven works.

Paula said...

Sending you hugs and love!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Perhaps it all feels so recent because a part of him is near to you. How odd it is iMan's birthday today - a significant day for both us Kimmy-poos. Talk to him as if you could still share. I know he would be so happy to know that you know he knows. (make sense?)

rebecca said...

lovely...this weaving of past, present, always now daughter father love.

holding you a wave of cherishing.

Cindy said...

Kim I really believe they are with us, so cherish all your memories as I Know you do.He looks like such a kind caring man. I Know you are still his little girl. beautiful tribute to your father. big hug and love to you.

Janet said...

What a beautiful post. You are so lucky to have had such a wonderful father. I'm sure he knows of your accomplishments as I believe our loved ones are always with us. Be happy in your memories.

gwyn said...

Wow Kim! I lost my Dad at 13. I have yet to recover that piece of myself entirely. Big hugs to you. <3

Elizabeth Halt said...

Sending love to you as you miss and love him.


laurel said...

What wonderful memories for you to share with us. Sounds like you had a wonderful dad. Hugs!

Carmen said...

and i am so sure he is watching over you from a very special place
lucky you!
big bear hugs to you from me Carmen