Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday–All in a Day’s Work !







I love my job !


Today is filled with errands.

Post office, Target, Art Store, Drugstore….

It is kind of snowing/freezing raining here but should warm up to rain soon.

I think I will load up my pockets with Rock My World rocks and leave some love about on my runs today.

Hope you find some ways to spread the LOVE too, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Wednesday !


Sherry said...

Beautiful rock messages and a perfect day to leave some about for others to joyous to find something like this on a freezing rain/rainy kind of day!! A beautiful way to lift spirits!! Enjoy your errands!

Kate Robertson said...

Have a great day spreading that cheer. re: the visual journal I think decorating that brown cover is a must for me too!

happy Wednesday to you too!

Joanne Huffman said...

I think rock RAKs are a wonderful idea.

rachel awes said...

i love seeing your rocks!
think fresh thoughts...
& seeing a whole pile
is just a bit of
kindness paradise.

gwyn said...

I so love that you leave them about. I used to make origami birds and flowers with messages and do that too. Hmmmm Why did I stop?


Nadeja said...

Happy Wednesday Cutie One!
Love you,

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

These photos are how I "know" you. Your signature printing and colors. So glad you are rockin' your own world!

lyle baxter said...

Toni was here for dinner tonite. had apatient today older lady who was being checked to see if her brein tumor of many years had moved . the andwer was no so they could get her off certain drugs. t. said she was very nice no complaining about her health etc so she asked her if she'd like a kim rock! she happily took one for herself and asked for one for her daughter in law who at 36 has ms so bad she cant use her hands ! the lady said what a surprise to go to a hospital and get a rock!

Marit said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I would be thrilled if I found such a rock/surprise/message on one of my walks! You are like a 'stone-fairy' spreading love!

artbrat said...

I'm sitting here daydreaming about what a joy it would be to find one of your rocks. You must have so much fun leaving them and thinking about who might find them.

Rosie said...

When I read your blog, I am reminded always of the simplicity of life. I look at and read your stones because one should always do that, and I remind myself how lucky I am and that I shall want less from now on, because I have too much. I'm so happy to know you Kim!
Have a great week (and -end too!)
Rosie xoxo