Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Gifts…

It was a little like Christmas in March this week around here !!!

I think I received a gift from someone every single day this week.

I told you I was blessed !

Along with the gift of my friend Suzanne’s presence and the beautiful felted treasures that she made me, one gift  I received was from Carla Sonheim.

Remember when I participated in the Art Of Sillyness 3 and won “Squeen for the Day” in the first day?

Here was my sweet, gorgeous, silly prize ! All kinds of goodies from the true Squeen herself. Love the button, the bouncing pen and the Carla Art !!! Thank you so much, My Squeen !












Then as a participant in OWOH, I was lucky enough to win three giveaways !

One was the jackpot of all card making kits from Susan at Pieces of Fate :


Look at all that loot ! Big thanks to the generous Susan !

A second giveaway prize was from the Rich Witch. I won this magickal crystal ball and she included some lovely samples of oils from her shop. Thank you, My Lady !


My third giveaway prize was this beautiful print from Kelly Lish at “Love is My Religion”. (You know I love her blog name !!!)

Isn’t the Mother and child precious ? I love it, Kelly. Thanks so much !



I also received a special thank you piece of art from a Facebook friend, Barbara. I had sent her a Rock My World rock with the words “Celebrate Everything” on it – her mantra for the year.

She sent me back this awesome postcard with my own life mantra on it !


Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble with my other friend, Susie, Susie Riley.

We shared the gift of both being published in Patti Digh’s newest book, “What I Wish For You”, released early and on the shelf in my local store !!!! Susie has both a piece of art and an essay in the book. Yay, Susie !

whatIwishforyou3what I wishforyou1


I have to say I am tickled pink that my artwork was chosen for the first piece in the book. Such an honor and it feels so good in my artist heart ! So much talent, wisdom and love lie between the covers of this book. It makes me so proud to be a part of it !


So these are the gifts amongst the many that Ireceived this week that I wanted to share with you, Beautiful Ones.

It is more proof to me that the lesson I have learned and have been trying so hard to put into practice wherever I can is true :

Whatever you focus on, you receive more of in your life.

Here’s to light and love growing more in all of our world.

Happy Saturday ! Big Love from the Happy Queen!


Janet said...

You definitely hit the jackpot with all those wonderful goodies in the mail. And congrats on having your art in the new book. That's fantastic!

Bethany said...

Hi Kim,
Such fun goodies.
I loved the orange and yellow postcard and her handwriting blew me away.
I just got an Amazon order and mistakedly ordered two of the same book. I thought of you right away. It's called Art at the Speed of Life. If you don't have it, I'd love to give it to you. If you do have it, no worries.
When you get a chance can you email me at

Congrats on the new Patti book, WOW!

Olivia said...

I had pre-ordered Patti's book on Amazon, so I got it a while ago...It was so great opening it up and seeing your artwork there, My Queen! It is a beautiful piece of work and it is perfect where it is. I am very happy for you. Wonderful, wonderful! xoO

beth said... great !!! are an artist !!!!
congrats kim !!!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

A Queen or a Squeen by any other name...You deserve each and every good thing that comes your way!

jgr said...

WoW! You have had a great week! And big congrats on your lovely art in the book!!! woohoo that is awesome!!

patti said...

So much goodness Kim, you are most blessed!

Congrats on being published in Patti's book - exciting!!

Marit said...

I followed Patti's 'what I wish for you' and you are so lucky to be part of her book! And YEAY for kind people and gifts, some lovely goodies there girl! Enjoy!

Sueann said...

Big love back to you sweetie!! Congrats on being published...beautiful piece too!!
And all those gifts are wonderful!!! Woot!! Woot!!
PS That Mother and Child print/painting is fabulous! I love it!

Priti Lisa said...

Fantastic deserve all that and more...isn't that crystal ball cool? And Kelly's art is always so fun :)
I am going to look for that book, I am so proud of you...Happy Sunday my friend, xox

Nadeja said...

Wow Kimmy, what beautiful prizes from generous, talented people!!!
Yes,what we focus on will grow. It is good to tend to everything just as if we were in a garden...O my goodness, the garden???Yes we create our gardens of life! love you so much,

Julie Prichard said...

Kim- congratulations on that publication credit....fantastic! And your mail! What beautiful treats!

Carmen said...

Wow, that's awesome! you deserve this and more and absolutely i can see why you were chosen to be the first one because you share yourself so beautifully
and teach me i want to be like you!