Thursday, March 31, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday - Postcards from the edge…


''Come to the edge,'' He said. They said, ''We are afraid.'' ''Come to the edge,'' He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire

march2011, postcards 013

march2011, postcards 015

march2011, postcards 012

march2011, postcards 017

march2011, postcards 018

I am so loving making these little postcard pieces.

Collage from mailbox junk and old French dictionaries, Twinkle H2Os, acrylics, painting, India ink and dip pens…

Sometimes it takes me an hour to make just one.

That’s okay though.

An hour spent flying is never an hour wasted.

Put those wings to good use today, Lovely Ones.

Big Love !


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Sherry said...

What a wonderful quote!! I love your flying houses and the bright colours in your post card art. An hour to make just one? then it is truly a work of heart!

beth said...

i hope my wings at least work a little bit today...they seem to be quit heavy. maybe they just need a good spring cleaning :)
LOVE the postcards !!!

tami said...

Your postcards make me smile : )
Such joy in creating!

Meri said...

An hour spent flying is never wasted. True words! (Unless you're flying coach between a plus-size guy whose drooling in his sleep on your shoulder and a mother with a cranky baby).

Marit said...

My wings are tied at the moment - there is money to be made and work comes first right now... ooooh, how I long to spread them!!! In the meantime, I keep a small spark of inspiration burning until I have the time. It never goes away, and you are one of the people that keeps it alive! Thanks for the eyecandy today, it's like drinking from the well!

Carmen said...

i love them too
love the home imagery always
and i like those watercolors as well, is that what those are right?
keep creating dear Kim
keep the happiness
for sure keep sharing it
bless your heart

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's a great way to spend a snow storm. We are getting some but not as much as the south. Oh how we will sing and dance when the "real" spring shows up.

Kate Robertson said...

Your cards are works of art in themselves so its no wonder it is taking an hour to do them. I'll bet your recipients will be framing them. Love the flying houses. Makes me think oh yes we can out wings on everything. Now thats freedom.


Sophie said...

The winged houses are so adorable!

iHanna said...

I agree with Sophie, the winged houses are super cute - makes me wanna fly home home home!

Lynn Cohen said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

Love that black one!!! You and your twinklings....these are great. xox corrine

lyle baxter said...

I love the black one too! wonderful faces! and your little flying houses are so cheery on another grey rainy day!

Olivia said...

I too love the flying houses--who would ever think of a house flying--well, My Queen, that's who! Such beauty! xoO

Sueann said...

Big love back at cha!!!
Love your winged houses!

Nadeja said...

Set yourSelf free!!! You know how to do that! Your Self is always with you. Isn't that wonderful!!!
Love you. Have a wonderful day Kimmy.