Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Self-Portrait with Tripod

Set up tripod on back deck.


screwed up the timer.


screwed up the settings. (love this blur though !)




ready, set… (what’s with the flash ?!)


Ta-da ! Yay, it’s spring !

I’m going back to taking self-portraits at an arms length. This is too much work. Winking smile

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones.

edit 03/29/11 : Speaking of Ta-das !

Head on over to Kate's blog, the Queen of Creativity, to read an interview with yours truly. With some good photos included !!!


Sherry said...

Oh my gosh, you make me laugh woman!!! I loved the blurry one -- there is something very "you" about that -- you aren't just "there" you are ethereal!!! But you are looking wonderful and the purple suits you so well, right down to your tippy toes!!!

Look at that sky and those clouds so puffy and springy -- I can feel the joy in the air surrounding you


jgr said...

Yes, laughing for sure. I agree the purple is "you!"
and may I say: you look mah-ve-lous. Happy Spring!

Andria said...

I just enjoyed your interview on Kate's blog, and came over here to check yours out. Your camera-timer efforts made me laugh! It's quite a process, isn't it? I'm all for "arms-length" self-portraits!

beth said...

tri-pods are way too much work....in the past 3 years i have used mine like oh, 3 times.....

love the blurry one, too :)

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to get my gorilla tripod and have used it exactly once! Love those sassy shots of you Miss Kim and your interview with Kate was a treat!!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

There you are, running around without your coat on?! It must be spring! Yay for sunshine and coats in the CUPBOARD (where they belong) and for new converse all stars. Using the timer is tricky, I abhor it but it's good to shake things up a bit sometimes, n'est pas?!

patti said...

This is a beautiful result Kim! I love a belly laugh first thing in the morning! :)

Marit said...

No, no, no... don't leave the tripod out... I had too much fun watching these photos!!! And I feel releaved now that I'm not the only gal running up and down to set the timer (remember my 'leg photos')

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I love the photos of you on the deck. You look wonderful! So full of life and zest!

Rosie said...

How wonderful to 'meet' you Kim!! Great pics and an even greater sense of humour! What a lovely smile you have and that's a very impressive deck! I is envious! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love those sneakers!!!! Great interview, and your portrait turned out just marvelous. xox Corrine

Elena said...

LOL you crack me up. I'm renaming you Queen of Life; your love for life just spills over in your photos. You're contagious. Love it. The bunny hand test photo made me laugh out loud...heehee